Dissemination material

Dissemination material

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A €1 million H2020 project to support ocean energy implementation in line with the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan)

The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) aims to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies. It seeks to improve new technologies and bring down costs by coordinating national research efforts and helping to finance projects. In this framework, the SET Implementation Plan (SET Plan IP) for ocean energy was adopted on 21 March 2018. The target timescale regarding actions listed within this plan is 2025 for tidal technologies and 2030 for wave technologies. To provide support to ocean energy implementation in line with the SET Plan, the OceanSET project was launched in March 2019. It is a 3-year EU H2020 project with a total budget of €1 million that gathers together 9 partners. The OceanSET project will help to obtain a solid understanding of the current activities across Europe regarding ocean energy in order to determine how the sector will evolve.

> Download: 190701_press_release_oceanset_final

This leaflet givew a breif overview of the OceanSET project, whith a focus on the objectives.

> Download: OceanSET leaflet

  • Data gathering for ocean energy sector
  • Pre-commercial procurement (PCP)
  • 1st knowledge sharing workshop

> Donwload: OceanSET Newsletter #1