Concept and methodology

Concept and methodology

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OceanSET provides support during the Discovery and Development Phases of the OE-IP, building a strong foundation for the implementation of the OE-IP during subsequent phases.

The key purpose of the Discovery Phase is to obtain a solid understanding of the current activities in wave and tidal energy across Europe, with the overall objective of determining how the sector will evolve. The Development Phase aims to develop operational arrays demonstrating the ability to meet the technical and financial metrics.

The development of a collaborative information sharing process across the Member States and regions is at the core of OceanSET. The key outputs are Annual Reports summarising current activity in the ocean energy sector and the sector’s progress towards achieving the objectives of the OE-IP. The objective is building up a detailed picture of the status of the ocean energy sector and its progress over the years.

This process includes four key stages: mapping, analysis, monitoring and review.

4 key stages: mapping, analysis, monitoring, review