Workshop at OEE2020

OceanSET workshop at OEE2020

An overview of the progress in the ocean energy sector

1st December – 03:00 to 04:00 PM

This OceanSET workshop is being organised at OEE2020 to encourage knowledge and expertise sharing between innovation providers and funders. It will be a real opportunity to share the very first results of the second-year mapping and analysis carried out in Member States. Insights will be provided on funding programmes, revenue support, consenting processes or projects funded across Member States, and on technologies, energy production or Investment and O&M costs of the more mature ocean energy devices.

The workshop will be chaired by Gianmaria Sannino, from ENEA.

The agenda will be:

  • OceanSET H2020 project presentation, by Patricia Comiskey from SEAI
  • Review of the results of the second annual survey addressed to the Member States, by Patricia Comiskey from SEAI
  • Update on the second annual survey addressed to the technolgy developers, by Ana Andrade from DGEG
  • Update on SET-Plan reporting, the state of the energy union; analysis on the status of ocean energy; how the data collected by projects such as OceanSET is important to feed into such analysis, by Drilona Shtjefni from EU JRC

This side event will be free of charge. You can register here, by choosing th Free pass option.

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