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Work will be conducted within 7 different work packages (WP1 – 7). The core activity of the project is the annual mapping and analysis exercise, and subsequent monitoring and review of key metrics, which aim to track the progress of the ocean energy sector and the actions set out in the ocean energy SET-Plan IP.

The project is collecting data through analysis and data modelling. It then generates methodology and participative approaches presented publicly in communication tools. This will be specified in WP1.
WP2 is focusing on collecting data from stakeholders and analysing existing support actions at Member States and regional level.
WP3 is focusing on establishing a clear understanding of the scale and nature of financial requirements for the technology development actions set out in the SET-Plan IP. Financial requirement estimates are reviewed and refined, including assessment of the public/private divide of finances for each action and the identification of any funding gaps.
WP4 is defining a strategic approach for a European pre-commercial procurement programme for wave energy technologies and developing a package of funding calls that could be used to drive technology development.
WP5 is focusing on using key metrics to monitor the progress of ocean energy sector. Knowledge sharing among ocean energy stakeholder and recommendations to stimulate progression in key priority areas will be provided.
WP6 is focusing on the dissemination and communication of project results. It aims at establishing a strategy and implement an action plan to maximize impact of project outputs.
WP7 is covering overall management and administration support for the realisation of the project. The tasks outline in this work package aim to ensure efficient management of the project and the achievement of high-quality deliverables. WP7 is also compiling and circulating the OceanSET annual report to the Implementation Working Group.
Relations between the different work packages of OceanSET project